Hey there world, i'm Nick.
a kid of the .com era/

Thanks for cheking out my blog, i like you already, you seem pretty cool.
To tell you a little about myself i can start off by saying that i have blue eyes and have an obsession with New York, minimalism and photography. d i'm sure we've probably never met, but i'm here for you. thanks for being here with me. xo

My instagram: @nicksimpsonx
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when your friends make plans without you



in australia we had this childrens show called around the twist and there was this one episode where the 10 year old gets a fish stuck in his penis and spends the entire season winning swimming races by using his penis as a propeller 

"Am I allowed to smoke onstage? I can’t think if I can’t smoke.”
— Lana Del Rey - Coachella (via lananews)
Anonymous asked: Hello! How are you today? x

Hey there! I’m great today thanks. I’m holidaying in Melbourne for the next few days and its the first time i’ve been here and it’s fucking amazing. in love with this city